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To be sincere the heart has to be involved. We are always telling people "thank you" without even thinking of what we are saying, it is an automatic response. Being really thankful involves the heart. A little girl could not get down from the dinner table until ate something she didn't want to eat and then say "thanks."
Finally she ate what she didn't like and said, "I'm thankful I didn't get sick from eating that yucky stuff, now can I get down." On the other side however, there was a bed fast man who had been an invalid all his life who was always happy and thankful. When asked how he could be so happy, he replied, "oh, my happiest times are at night as I can see the stars from my bed and I have named every star I can see, so every night I am with my friends." Sincere thankfulness comes from the heart.
Thankful, Sincere, God, Blessings
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